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Eat Healthy- Don’t Lose Sight of Nutritional Value

An important part of my daily routine is balancing my meal components for the day, starting by planning at breakfast time. I wish I weren’t obligated to, but with my busy schedule keeping me out of my apartment for sometimes twelve hours on end, I plan what type of food I’m going to eat ahead of time. For example, if I have a yogurt (always on sale and “Low-fat”) in the morning before class, and wash it down with some natural fruit juice (V8 and Tropicana are sold at every grocery store), then I plan on eating more vegetables and bread after my first class.

A grocery store I didn’t even know about until i read Student Maximus is Associated Supermarket in Manhattan. The prices are great and student coupons are in the magazine.

(Here’s where I might differ from you in two ways: I’m a vegetarian and I don’t have a school meal plan. But I’ll elaborate more on those later.) I keep vegetables in the fridge at all times – these frequently include sun dried tomatoes, cucumbers, tomatoes, kalamata olives and lettuce. I have pita bread and low-carb wraps of various grain count and flavor. Sounding appetizing? Maybe if your a raw-fooder or vegan… I’m not either so I do want to address protein and efficient ways I recommend to get yours. Healthy protein comes in said yogurt, soy milk with cereal, and nuts, like maybe a bag of almonds in a schoolbag. And breathe easy, egg lovers, because I’ve got your hard-boiled egg cooking tips right here!

These babies will last you three to six breakfasts or lunches and they taste great with so many sides and condiments. I’m providing a college-y recipe for boiling eggs quickly and easily below. Just peel and eat with salt and/or pepper if you like them simple, or when you feel adventurous (I say “when” because I know you will, and you’ll thank me after), eat them on a bagel with hot sauce! (Add cream cheese and grab fruit juice et voila! Five food groups!)

Some college students may never even have used a stove before. I’ll admit that I needed someone to show me how to light the stove sometime within the same years that I was smoothly 2,000-ing SAT tests.

They look and taste and treatcha good!

They look and taste and treatcha good!

Hard-boiled Eggs (for Dummies!) Recipe

6 of your 12 large free-range organic brown eggs
1 metal pot, like a saucepan, with lid
1 tap water faucet
1 gas stove (I don’t know about you fancy electric people. ;))

-Place all six eggs carefully in the pot
-Fill the pot with tap water to about an inch above the eggs
-Put the lidded pot on one of the stove coils
-Find the corresponding (front or rear, right or left) stove knob and turn to Light
-Turn the knob to Hi and let eggs heat until you see bubbles (boiling water) when you pick up the lid, Turn Off
-If you like your yokes light yellow with grey on the outside, let them sit in the water for 10-15 minutes
-If you like your yokes just done and a brighter yellow, let them sit for less than 5 minutes
-Drain the hot water by carefully turning the pot over a sink. I add cold water gradually and then take the hot eggs out by hand and put them on a small paper towel or just on the counter (*conserve as much paper as possible!)
-You can place them in cold water until you like their temperature or just dry them off and then refrigerate. I put them back in the carton and make note of which 6 eggs are boiled and which aren’t (or else I eventually run into a literally sticky situation).

*This item falls under Green Tips that I Live by.

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