Oh, college!

Isn’t it grand?

Walking/riding/blogging around New York City, there is always that statement tickling the back of my mind: I am a college student. Shopping, dating, commuting, everything – my class schedule and school year budget remain on the brain. This is clearly the part of co-ed life that will mentally ready me for the Responsibilities Being an Adult Brings one day – after graduation, of course. I am 20 years-old, and I matriculate at New York University, better known as NYU. I pay top dollar tuition with help from my education-appreciatin’ father and a small amount of financial grants. Diverse group of co-eds that we are, many of us actually do receive financial assistance through the university. I say “actually” because our school has a probably accurate reputation of having a large number of wealthy trust-fund types – and even famous people – in our student body. According to collegeboard.com, though, more than half of fall 2009’s freshman class were offered financial aid. In other words, I hang out with a lot of people who like cutting the excess fat off their credit-or-debit bills – or better yet, not consuming the excess in the first place.

source: http://blogs.nyu.edu/blogs/ukk201/geo12/

Washington Square Park, NYU campus

Since this is my third year living in Manhattan, I’ve noticed a few things while focusing on cutting costs. I’ll address just one in this, my first, post: All co-eds in the States focus on academia and socializing. But a third part of life unique to living in such an expensive ‘hood as Manhattan is hardcore-budgeting while knowing you are surrounded by stock sellers and manicured mommies who collect six-figure incomes. They spend at the same coffee shops, food markets, and clothing stores as you. So unless you want to buy all your grub preserved and, truthfully, unhealthy on Kmart‘s lowest level before rolling that red cart to the juniors section to grab what’s left of the polyester “winter jackets” and “warm scarves” this year, you have got to learn how to shop responsibly and efficiently. And over time, you learn…

See, I’m on this ride with you. And with the help of Student Maximu$, we can save our dollars (and souls?) together.

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