Spend an Hour (Or Two) at Teany Café

The inside is just as bright and sunny. Photo © foodworksnyc.com

I’m a big fan of cozy places that let me take my time eating a meal while I’m reading a book and sipping tea. This is exactly what I got at Teany Café in SoHo.

This vegan-friendly tea-and-sandwich paradise has enough atmosphere to make it worth frequenting without even considering the food. It’s a small place—practically a hole in the wall—but fixed up to look like a cute West Village café, complete with outdoor seating and fresh flowers on the tables. They play music inside, which isn’t everyone’s thing, but I enjoyed their selection of popularly accessible indie hits. The servers are sometimes difficult to wave over, but the food comes quickly, and what’s the rush anyway?

As for the food, I appreciated that, although they are not an exclusively vegan establishment, their menu is full of vegan options and presents them with clarity. It’s the mark of a considerate business not to only accommodate different diets, but also t0 make it easy for the customer to see her options without having to ask the server a million questions. I got the vegan BLT, and the smoky tempeh combined with Veganaise eliminated any remnants of longing for pork belly that lingered in my taste memory. They also have plenty of fresh salads and some heartier fare like macaroni and cheese, but Teany’s menu is best suited for light meals and sipping on drinks while chatting with friends.

I can’t consider a review for Teany complete without mentioning their tea selection, which they present in a separate menu book with pages and pages of different kinds of tea, 98 varieties in total. To compare, the menu they gave me for food was one double-sided sheet. To get the best value, order a pot and split it with a friend. Or just drink the whole pot yourself while reading. Pair it with one of their amazing desserts, all of them delicious, moist, and cruelty-free, and I can sit there contentedly for as long as it takes to solve an amNY sudoku. However, I wouldn’t try a New York Times crossword puzzle unless it’s the middle of the day, since I’m sure the place can get crowded on weekend evenings.

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-Avia Dell’Oste.

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