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Andres Oliver, Emory University


Andres Oliver, a 21-year-old student from Emory University, is currently a publication intern at Campus Clipper.  While at Emory University, in Atlanta, Andres is a double major in Creative Writing and Japanese.  During the summer, Andres will be living in New York and working for the Campus Clipper, where he hopes to improve his creative writing skills.

Since Andres has only recently moved to New York, he does not have a specific spot of interest.  However, when overseas, Andres loves to check out Kyoto, Japan, where he studied abroad for eighth months.  Andres loved his experience abroad so much that he recommends studying abroad to all incoming college students.

To stay busy in New York, Andres likes to spend time at various cafes and delis working on a personal writing project.  This independent project involves writing a short story for his senior honors thesis.

Andres is likely pulling inspiration for this project from some of his favorite authors.  Among these classic authors are Sir Walter Scott, J.R.R. Tolkien and Diana Wynne Jones.  These authors will most definitely aid Andres in his writing process.

Michael Turzilli, Quinnipiac University 

Michael Turzilli is an 18-year-old sophomore from Quinnipiac University.  He is currently double majoring in Computer Science and Economics.  Through his internship at Campus Clipper, Michael hopes to greatly improve his skills in advertisement and writing.

Although Michael does not live in New York full time, his favorite area to visit is Union Square.  When not in the city or in his hometown, Michael might be visiting his favorite country abroad, Japan.

Michael’s favorite class of all time was an Electronic Music class, in which he learned how to produce electronic music.  Michael now spends his free time applying what he learned during this course and produces Hip-Hop music.

Although Michael makes Hip-Hop, his favorite song is Reba.  For other entertainment, he looks for books like One Flew Over the cuckoo’s nest, or movies such as Pulp Fiction.


Audrey Weinbrecht, The New School

Audrey Weinbrecht is a 22 year old Graduate Student at the New School.  She is studying Creative Writing in Fiction.  Audrey recently moved from North Carolina and has been living in New York City for six months now.

One of Audrey’s favorite places in the NYC is the theater district.  If you’re thinking of getting out of the city for a bit, Audrey recommends visiting Hilton Head Island, South Carolina; it’s here destination place for relaxation.  When she’s feeling inspired to write, she enjoys sitting at Starbucks for a couple of hours.

The writing workshops in college have been some of her most memorable classes.  These classes were small and informal, with a variety of smart, creative people.  She appreciates the experience of the workshop and benefits a great deal from it.

Audrey’s advice to other students it to take time to get to know your strengths and weaknesses.

“Only then can you put your best foot forward.”

Through her internship at the Campus Clipper, she hopes to gain work experience and to connect with other talented and creative people.  Anya Seton, Ian McEwan and Virginia Wolf are among her favorite authors.

 Janet Reyes, College of Saint Eilzabeth

Janet Reyes is a Senior at the College of Saint Elizabeth.  She is currently writing an E book on the importance of music; how music can make for a happier college student, and how music has affected her own life.

Music and writing are the two things she loves the most.  She is majoring in English with a minor in Journalism.  Janet has lived most of her live in New Jersey.  Coming into the city is easy and convenient for her.  A few of her favorite places in the city are; Bleecker Street, Central Park, the Jekyll and Hyde Pub, and the New York Comedy Club.  When she’s in the city, she likes to write at New York classical statue room at the Met.

A piece of advice for students is to laugh a lot.  Janet says you’ll have fewer wrinkles when you’re older if you get enough laughter in now.  She says that life sucks 90% of the time, so just laugh.  She likes to relax at Girt Beach, New Jersey.  It’s her ultimate vacation spot to unwind.

What you didn’t know about before is that she is the editor in chief for a student newspaper at her college.  She is a raging feminist and she plays classical guitar.  Janet is currently writing for the Campus Clipper because she believes it is a great place to get a start in the publishing industry.  Her internship helps her to connect with other students who are just as passionate about writing as she is.

Olivia Orellano, City College of New York


Olivia Orellano graduated from the City College of New York with a degree in English, Advertising and Public Relations.  Olivia is currently working on articles and reviews for the website  It is a website that gives information on happenings in NYC, such as restaurants, broadway shows, hotels, travel, tours etc.  The site is great for NYC residents and tourists.

She’s spent her whole life in NYC’s upper west side.  MoMa is her favorite place in the city and she loves to write in Central Park.  Olivia advices students to build relationships while in school.  She says that networking is what will get you through many obstacles, jobs, etc.  Be fine with rejection and if you’re looking for answers its important you figure it ouryourself because people aren’t always going to be there for you.  She’s says, more importantly, don’t stress out and take it easy.

While Olivia was in school, she had to learn how to save more money than she spent, which was the hardest thing for her to do. The job she had only paid her enough to get by.  She’s writing an E-book to help make it easier for students to do the same.  She had no one to help her so she hopes to help others.

Angeline Dinh, Pepperdine University

Angeline Dinh is a Southern Californian from the sandy shores of Orange County.  A 2010 graduate from Pepperdine University, she holds a Master of Arts degree in Psychology.  Her Bachelor of Arts is in English and Psychology.  Angeline has realized her passion for writing and is on a path to pursing her dreams.  She is writing an E book about the journey of becoming a writer.

It has been one year now since Angeline has been living in the city.  Her favorite place is Central Park in the winter and fall.  Her favorite restaurant is Sugar Freak in Astoria.  Her ultimate destination spots are Lake Powell, Arizona, Newport, Rhode Island and Dominica in the Eastern Caribbean.

When she’s feeling inspired, she likes to write in her apartment, in Central Park, or in another beautiful park that she wouldn’t reveal because it’s her hidden gem.  In college her favorite class was a Personality Assessment course in her graduate psychology program.  Her professor was a forensic psychologist who told gruesome stories of real life personality disorders that destroyed lives.  She administered personality tests to test subjects and learned more about people from their test results than they knew what to do with themselves.  To this day she says; she can’t tell people what deep dark secrets she knows about them.

Angeline came to intern at the Campus Clipper because she is excited to meet talented and creative individuals who share the same goals as she does.  She also wants to contribute her skills and experience to help others.  Her advice to students is to read, read, read, and write, write, write.


Samantha Williams, Old Westbury.

Samantha Williams is a 21 year old senior at the State University of New York College at Old Westbury. Her major concentration is Media and Communications, and American Studies.  She is currently working on her blog.  Blogging allows her to reflect on all of her passions, especially writing.  It’s the place where all her passions meet.

Samantha has lived in NYC her entire life.  Her favorite places in the city are; the Vintage, Chelsea Piers, the Village, and Central Park.  She likes to use her time on the train to write, in fact, the train is probably her favorite place to write in the city.  The Catcher in the Rye by J.D Salinger is her favorite book.    When visiting foreign countries, Samantha’s choices are Paris, Ireland and Barbados.  These destinations don’t remind her that it’s only a vacation.

The class that was most pleasing and profound to her was her Psychology of People of African Descent in the United States.  She loved this class because it really got her thinking about her culture and where her ancestry comes from.  The experience for her helped her to think more about the foundation she’s laying for her own legacy.  A piece of advice for students from Samantha is to let your passion be your guide.  It is the most significant thing that will help one stay true to themselves.  It is the only thing that will lead you to chase your dreams, not follow it.

Paul Schissler, Auburn University


Paul Schissler graduated from Auburn University in the fall of 2011 with a degree in English and Creative Writing.  He has been living in the city for one month now.  He considers Central Park to be his favorite place in the city, along with any place that has coffee.  Paul finds raccoons interesting and loves stand-up comedy.  He’s working on a, “How to be a comedian,” eBook where he shares his personal experiences as well as the advice from professionals in the industry.

When it comes to writing, Paul’s best spot is at home in his room.  His most memorable class was Fiction Writing II, because he wrote whatever he wanted and received support from the class which helped him become a better writer in his own voice.

Paul’s advice to other students is to pursue what you want to and not what others think you should do.  When asked why he’s writing this eBook, Paul says that he wants to encourage others who are interested in comedy, to take the plunge.  He also wants to give insight to those who don’t know much about what it’s like behind the microphone.

 Sophia Calderone, Rochester Institute of Technology

Sophia Calderone is a sophomore at Rochester Institute of Technology.  She is studying English and Creative Writing.  She is currently working on an E Book.  It’s a collection of anecdotes on strangers she’s met over the years.

Sometimes she finds herself being afraid of people she doesn’t know and she believes that most people in NYC don’t pay attention to who they are surrounded by when they go about their daily lives.  For her, this book is about appreciating strangers and the small things that make a difference in our lives.

The city has been home to Sophia all her life; the past 19 years.  Her favorite city spot is Korea Town and St. Marks Place.  Her advice to students is to learn a balance between when to be stubborn and bull through things, and when to adapt and let things go.

Her most memorable class was “Massage therapy”.  It was a wellness course that made an impact on her.  It didn’t only teach her about massage techniques but more importantly it taught her to listen and respond to the body.


Megan Soyars, Trinity University

Megan grew up in Helotes, Texas. A “country gal,” she raised sheep for 4-H. Megan moved to San Antonio to attend Trinity University, where she graduated with a degree in English and Communication. Since college, Megan has lived in Wyoming, Colorado, and New York City. She’s been a resident of the city for over a year. Megan is currently writing for the Campus Clipper blog, as well as promoting their book the NYC Student Guide, which she also edited.

Megan enjoys reading humor, including the works of David Sedaris, Libby Bray, and Mindy Kaling. Her favorite book is The Deep End of the Ocean by Jacquelyn Mitchard. Her favorite place to write is in parks, preferably with pen and paper. The class Megan enjoyed most in college was Fiction Writing. In Fiction Writing, she learned that the ingredients for a great story are an imperfect but promising first draft and editorial input from other writers.

Her advice to students would be to make the most of your college years. You’ll never be this young and carefree again! If you argue you’re studying too hard to be carefree, learn how to relax without sacrificing your GPA. Her advice to aspiring writers is to get the most out of any course which requires writing. (Even if it is a science course!) Get inspiration from other writers and always listen humbly to their advice, as well as your own instincts.

Kristen Melillo, Salem University

Kristen is a 35-year-old wife and mother of two who stills finds time to work as a freelance writer. She received her undergraduate degree in Creative Writing from the University of Hawaii in ’98, but also attended Magdalen College at the University of Oxford in ’10, and Salem College in ’11. She is currently writing and editing eBooks for the Campus Clipper. In her free time, Kristen is editing her own collection of personal essays.

Kristen has lived in a suburb of NYC for the past thirty years. Her favorite spots in the city are the NY Public Library, Nuyorican Poets Cafe, Radio City Music Hall, Brick Theatre, and the Museum of Natural History. Her favorite place to write is on the train, as long as it is not too packed! Kristen enjoys reading works from Jeanette Winterson, Dave Eggers, Michael Chabon, Anne Enright, Michael Cunningham, and Salman Rushdie to name a few.

Kristen believes that stepping out of the mainstream is good for any writer, if even it is not so good for other aspects of your life, such as financially or in relationships. Finally, she states that as a fulltime mom, she appreciates any artist who is able to balance a creative life with a family life. She hasn’t been able to figure it out yet, but hopes to learn through her position at the Campus Clipper!

Olivia Salomon, Fordham University


Sergio Lopez, Polytechnic Institute of NYU

Sergio is currently studying as a graduate student at the Polytechnic Institute of NYU (’12). His major is MS Integrated Digital Media. Right now, he is working as a graphic designer and blogger for the Campus Clipper, where he designs and promotes discount coupons. He is also currently working on an eBook entitled “New York on a Budget.” In the eBook, Sergio describes how to live cheaply in one of the most expensive cities in the U.S. When Sergio was in undergrad, he kept thinking that he could have really used some advice on how to live on a budget. That’s what inspired him to write this eBook. He’s hoping to make a difference in a student’s life, however small.

An interesting fact about Sergio is that he’s a percussionist, and has performed with his High School’s Wind Ensemble at Carnegie Hall. Sergio has been living in New York City for three months, but originally hails from New Jersey. He states that his favorite vacation spots are anywhere but Jersey Shore. His favorite place to write is the NYU Poly Dibner Library, and he enjoys visiting the Brooklyn Heights Promenade, Washington Square Park, and Rockefeller Center. One of his favorite courses in college was indiv@metaverse. The course taught students how technology is shaping culture and our identity as human beings. The course really opened his mind to the possibilities of technology. His advice to current college students is to always listen to your gut instincts.

Aaron A. Brown, NYU

Anais DiCroce, American University

Anjelica LaFurno, Baruch College

Avia Dell’Oste, Hunter College

Christopher Cusack, Hofstra University

Elizabeth Kaleko, Tufts University

Evelyn Oluwole, Brooklyn College

Jacqueline Aqel, City College

Robin Yang, Princeton University


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