Until The Very End

The beginning of a great legacy.

I can still remember my first experience with Harry Potter. The year was 2001 and I was seeing a movie whose title and content I have no memory of with my younger sisters and Dad at a local movie theater. But what I do remember seeing was the trailer for the upcoming release of the first Harry Potter film: Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. The glow of November on the screen till this very day is still present in my mind. I was captivated and that following November I saw the film and so began my love for both Harry Potter books and films. I often find that I associate Harry Potter with my childhood, and I certainly believe it is representative of my generation. People my age all over the world essentially grew up with Harry Potter and this is why the release of the second and last installment of the final film this past week is considered widely a bittersweet moment.

Without a doubt, I felt it was absolutely necessary to view a midnight showing of Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part 2 this past Thursday for its U.S. premiere at the same theater I saw the first. I brought along my younger sister who was equally excited and completely aware of the likely possibility I would embarrass her by tearing up, which I did. My local theater was overrun by avid Harry Potter fans some dressed in Gryffindor uniforms and many foreheads were marked by a lightning bolt scar.  Luckily my sister and I were spotted by a group of High School friends and acquaintances that allowed us to join them on line and then began the nostalgia. The overall consensus amongst the group was the feeling that their childhood was coming to an end. In simple words: the idea of not being a kid anymore makes me sad. However, I’m happy that my transition to imminent adulthood has become jarringly clear because of a franchise that I’ll always love.

I had no qualms whatsoever with the film. It truly is an achingly beautiful adaptation of the final moments configured by JK Rowling.  Also, the epilogue perfectly captured the bittersweet feeling shared by fans worldwide. It was just a perfect balance of melancholy and sheer optimism. Proof of this is the combined mix of smiles and tears I experienced when watching the films end. And for the sake of my own street cred, let it be known the theater was chock full of young adults, both male and female, tearing up because of the films content and its projection, but also because of it’s beautiful parallel to the life of a growing individual. It really is the end of an era, a great one at that. But at the same time, the Harry Potter franchise is certainly forever because its legacy is so great. I’m sure many fans my age anticipate a future where they could share the magical world of Harry Potter with their own children. Similar to the way many of us have shared the bewitching experience with our parents.

My mom mentioned looking forward to owning all of the films on DVD because it’d be both incredibly nostalgic and fun to watch all of them in a row. I personally cannot wait for such a time too! Luckily this can be the case too for students who are conscious of student discounts.  I suggest checking out DVD Funhouse, they have a discount were you can purchase five DVDs for only ten dollars! This means you can invest in buying five of the films for a Harry Potter movie night.

Harry Potter will always serve as a reminder of the curious kid that still exists within me. In many ways the Harry potter experience has preserved my nine-year-old self in both memory and continued spirit. I know I’ll always be in awe of the magical world I watched on screen and read about. I’m sure until the very end.

Anjelica LaFurno (Baruch College)

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Image credit: onlinemovieshut.com

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